About Us

CIS GROUP is group of companies with focus on building and developing business relationships between North America and Commonwealth Independent States (CIS or Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan)

With offices in multiple countries our international team is serving customers in CANADA, USA, RUSSIA, KAZAKHSTAN, BELARUS, UKRAINE, ARMENIA and GERMANY. We work on complex and difficult international projects that require custom solutions and high level of involvement.
Our solutions are just as innovative as our projects difficult. Our group of companies works in international banking, logistics, sales, customs, certification and market research. From market research to setting up distribution partnerships across the globe we work closely with each client to understand their needs.

– We represented multiple russian distributors at EDS 2013 (http://edsconnects.com)
– Our team is collaborating with KAZ-ATAKEN  (http://www.kazbuild.kz/) exhibition group in Kazakhstan to attract north american based companies.
– We have successfully brought over multiple US based companies to EXPO-ELECTRONICS 2013-2015 (http://www.expoelectronica.ru) and lead business partnership formations and negotiations.
– We helped over 30+ US based companies find partners and clients in Russia and CIS just in 2014.
– This year we have partnered up with EXPO-CHIP  (http://www.chipexpo.ru/) to bring US based companies to Russia for a large conferences and exhibition dedicated to electronics and micro-components.
– We are exclusive partner and representatives of over 10+ US based companies in Russia.
– We aid in successfully close contracts and sales-orders. In 2014 we broke the record of 40 million dollars US.
– In 2016 we successfully introduced and brought over 15 new brands in the consumer electronics to Russia and most of CIS markets. By using our partners and our knowledge of marketing and advertising we worked closely with our clients to understand the market trends and customer demands.